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December 4, 2014

Decorview’s Best Window Makeovers

by Kim

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I love a good makeover, don’t you? There’s something exhilarating about giving a space — or in my case a set of windows — a fresh new look. 

At Decorview, I like to think of our designers and installers as window makeover experts because they reimagine and design window treatments that will be beautiful and functional. From pretty drapery in a master bedroom to textured roman shades in a dining area, here are my favorite window makeovers.

Shiny Happy Makeover with Emily Henderson

Last year, we teamed up with HGTV designer and stylist extraordinaire Emily Henderson to give away an amazing room makeover. The winner of the Shiny Happy Makeover was an LA-based family with three boys who needed to revamp their master bedroom. Emily and her team designed and styled the room of this deserving family, and worked with one of our designers, Alla, to update the window treatments.

Two Challenging Windows

The master bedroom had two windows: a high horizontal transom and a sliding glass door. Both windows had dysfunctional and outdated window treatments that needed to be replaced.

Bedroom Window Makeover Before

Before the Shiny Happy Window Makeover

For the transom, a flat-paneled roman shade in Ryland Mist replaced the old blinds. This made the small window look bigger, while the horizontal pleats in the shade added texture to the room.

Bedroom Window Makeover After

New roman shades after the Shiny Happy Makeover

For a dose of feminine charm, drapery with modern pleats were installed on the sliding glass door. The new drapery is functional and can easily be opened and closed to darken or brighten the room.

Although two different window treatments were selected, Emily and Alla were able to coordinate them by having the roman shade and drapery made in the same fabric.

Bedroom Window Makeover After

Beautiful drapery was also used in the Shiny Happy Makeover

Bonus Makeover

The Shiny Happy Makeover also included a bonus window transformation in the boys’ bedroom. The new window treatments needed to be safe, energy efficient, and match the existing décor.

With these considerations, Hunter Douglas Duette Architella honeycomb shades in Smoke Blue were installed. The shades are energy efficient, provide light control, and coordinate with the playful décor in the room. Customized cornices in a bold geometric pattern were also added to complete the look.

Boys Room Window Makeover After

Bonus window makeover in the boys’ room

To address safety concerns, the shades over both windows were installed without cords. The bay window has shades with the LiteRise lift system, which can be adjusted by pushing on a little handle at the bottom. The hard to reach honeycomb shades over the transom were installed with PowerRise, the automated lift system. The shades can now be adjusted with a remote, wall switch, or with the Hunter Douglas Platinum app.

I picked this window makeover to top our list because of the overall transformation in the master bedroom, as well as the bonus window makeover in the boys’ room. I love that the window treatments augmented and complemented the design in both rooms, but also met the needs of this great family. Plus, we had a fantastic time partnering with Emily Henderson and her team!

Joanna Goddard’s Urban Apartment Makeover

When Joanna Goddard, of the blog A CUP OF JO, needed to makeover her “new” New York City apartment, she called upon Emily Henderson for her design expertise. The change, from bare apartment to a cheerful and relaxed space, is downright stunning. We were excited to participate in the transformation by working with Joanna and Emily to design new window coverings.

Mini-Blinds Were Everywhere

The large windows of Joanna’s apartment had white mini-blinds that looked less than inspiring and were bland against the all-white walls of the apartment. When fully opened, the window treatments offered no privacy and let in too much light.

Before a Window Makeover

Mini-blinds throughout the apartment before the window makeover

There was also another problem — the mini-blind cords were visually distracting and posed a safety hazard for Joanna’s two young boys.

Roller Shades to the Rescue

With Joanna’s needs and lifestyle in mind, Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades with PowerRise (a cordless window treatment) were installed. The roller shades eliminated the safety hazard and added convenience. Joanna can now adjust the shades from anywhere in her home with a click of the remote.

Window Treatment Makeover

Roller shades replaced mini-blinds in the apartment makeover

The window coverings in the master bedroom, where Joanna does much of her work, gives the blogger privacy but also allsows her to illuminate her space with natural light. To add a bit more polish and complete the look of her bedroom windows, the roller shades were installed with a valance.

In the nursery, privacy and light control issues were addressed by layering two cordless roller shades. One shade filters light and offers privacy during playtime. The other shade can fully darken the room for peaceful naptimes.

Rollers shades in window makeover

I love this fresh, urban makeover. The window treatments are functional and hit all the right notes with the contemporary décor Emily Henderson designed for Joanna.

Big Girl Room Makeover With Joy Cho

Designer Joy Cho, from the lifestyle blog Oh Joy!, was ready to convert her daughter Ruby’s nursery into a big girl room. In addition to making adjustments to the décor and switching from a crib to a twin bed, the window treatments needed an update.

Joy wanted window coverings that created a pleasant and uniform look in Ruby’s redesigned bedroom. Although the large windows made the room sunny and bright, they also were challenging for a few reasons:

  • West-and-south facing windows made light and temperature control difficult
  • An AC hose driven through the window panels was unsightly
  • Mismatched head rails might necessitate multiple window treatment styles

New, Grown Up Window Treatments

Decorview designer, Christa, recommended a two-style window treatment solution for Ruby’s big girl room. Hunter Douglas Duette Architella shades with Duolite in white semi-opaque and blackout with the Easy-Rise system were used on the big windows. The honeycomb shades insulate the room so that it remains a comfortable temperature year-round, and allow for light-to-dark transitions for better naptimes.

Big Girl Room Window Makeover

Source: Oh Joy!

To solve the AC hose problem, a White Wood Havencrest Blind Valance with the Ultra Glide System was installed. Not only did the valance cover the eyesore, but it also coordinated with the other window treatments in the room.

This is among my favorite window makeovers because the honeycomb shades, as well as the valance, were able to address a couple of window-related issues. In terms of design, I love that the understated window treatments are attractive but allow the fun and eclectic style of Ruby’s room to really shine.

Window Treatment Makeover for 4 Generations, 1 Roof

Jessica, of the blog Four Generations One Roof, wanted to makeover the window treatments in her dining room and the adjacent study/playroom. Her home had pretty drapery in both rooms, but Jessica and her family found that privacy and light control were an issue.

Window Treatment Makeover

The playroom/study and dining area before the makeover, source: Four Generations One Roof

Adding Roman Shades

Working with one of our certified Hunter Douglas designers, Jessica chose camel-colored roman shades in batten front bungalow from the Design Studio Line. She decided on three shades in the beautiful over-sized windows because she felt one large shade might look bulky given the size of the windows.

Window Makeover with Roman Shades

Source: Four Generations One Roof

With four generations in one home (hence the blog’s name), automated shades were installed so that they could be raised and lowered by anyone using a remote control. This allows Jessica’s wheelchair-bound grandmother, as well as her children, to open and close the shades with ease.

Window Treatment Makeover with Roman Shades

Source: Four Generations One Roof

I’m a fan of this makeover because the roman shades accentuated the decor in both rooms, and better yet, made the windows more functional. Now the shades give Jessica’s family added privacy in the evening, allow for light control in the afternoon, and automation allows everyone to raise and lower the shades regardless of their age.

Share Your Window Makeover With Us

Do you have a Decorview window makeover that you think belongs on this list? We’d love to hear your story, share it with us on the Decorview Facebook page.

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Kim is a window treatment and drapery certified designer helping clients in Ottawa and surrounding Ontario communities find the perfect window treatments for their homes. She has more than 14 years of experience in interior design and window coverings.

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