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April 29, 2014

Devine Color Secrets to Trend-Proof Your Color Selection

by Kim


It was so amazing to open my April edition of Elle Décor and see an ad for the gorgeous Devine Color interior paint line, now at Target and Target.com.  Devine Color founder, Gretchen Schauffler, developed her unique color process and created her brand of paint right in my own backyard – Portland, Oregon.  Now everyone across the US can explore and be inspired by Gretchen’s vision the way I have been!

I had the pleasure of working with Gretchen through her affiliation with our company some time ago.  Gretchen’s unique approach to color placement was so noteworthy, our team created a color consultation program to showcase her techniques to our team of designers and color consultants all over the US.  Now we have a whole line of delectable paint options, thanks to her interior design innovation.

When creating the Devine Color line, Gretchen’s methods of choosing the “perfect” color started with narrowing down thousands of paint chips, and forming a small collection of “trend proof” colors.  What do I mean by trend proof?  These colors seamlessly pair with the items in your interiors that are “non-negotiable.”  The colors look perfect with elements such as stone, tile, flooring and cabinetry.  In other words, the non-negotiables aren’t going anywhere soon, so unlike with a couch or throw pillow, the paint colors have to work with the tones in the wood and stone.

It may seem like a simple a task at first, but if you think all wood is brown, you have been mistaken!  Gretchen taught us to look at the color in the wood – is it red, green, orange, yellow?  It is kind of like how hundreds of tiny pixels form the images on computers and televisions!

Once the perfect neutral is picked it becomes the skin tone that all other colors in the home need to work with. As we would build a color palette for a home Gretchen would challenge our consultants to consider, “would you wear that shirt with those pants?”  If not, then we knew those colors would not blend and flow through the home.  She warned us that the last thing we want is for our home to look like a “patchwork quilt.”

Recently my husband and I were picking the right shade of what we like to call, “Greige” (grayish beige) for our great room.  From my time working with Gretchen, I picked up an eye for camouflaged colors, and I could see the red or green in each color we painted on the wall – even though my husband thought I was crazy!  Once we got a swatch color on the wall next to the stone fireplace and wood cabinetry it was easy to pick the perfect color.  One was too red, one was too green, and then magically, one was just right.

Gretchen’s Devine Color is one of the first paint brands to offer small tester jars and 8×11 sheets of color – Color Discovery Cards – making it easy and environmentally friendly to try colors without wasting paint or trips to the paint store!

In addition to the 12 Devine colors now being offered through Target, Gretchen has also created a line of stylish, sexy, and fun self-adhesive wallpaper designs, making it easy to combine those trend proof colors with exciting patterns. I love the idea of using the wallpaper on stair risers, and there are several brilliant Devine Color DIY ideas to try!

Let your inner designer go crazy this Spring!  To learn more, check out devine color or schedule a consultation with one of our designers.


Img Source: Seattlelite 

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Kim is a window treatment and drapery certified designer helping clients in Ottawa and surrounding Ontario communities find the perfect window treatments for their homes. She has more than 14 years of experience in interior design and window coverings.

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