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March 30, 2015

The High-Tech Home: 7 Gadgets You Need To Keep Up With The Jetsons

by Kim

Gadgets for the High-Tech Home.png

More than 50 years after the Jetsons first aired, the futuristic world they lived in is now here. Well sort of. Flying cars are still a long way off…or are they? Cue the Terrafugia!

Thanks to recent technological advances in sensors, coupled with the Average Joe’s increasing interest in the Internet of Things, technology for the high-tech home has become much more affordable. And from an interior designer’s standpoint, sleek and attractive enough to be featured in the home, whether your style is traditional or modern.

Homeowners can now automate and control a number of tasks and functions with a push of a button. Imagine a home that is tailored to your specific environmental requirements, or a robot that does odd jobs around the house? This future is now. Take your home into the 21st century with these seven high-tech gadgets.

Motorized Window Treatments

Getting up to open or close your window treatments is so 20th century. Wireless operating systems mean the optimum level of privacy and light control is just a touch of a button. Using your mobile device or tablet, you can control your window fashions individually, by room, or throughout your home—the possibilities are limitless. They can also be programmed to optimize energy efficiency.

Intuitive Thermostats

These days, smart thermostats do more than just heat and cool your house. Built-in learning algorithms mean they can detect whether you’re home or away and then personally tailor your HVAC experience as necessary. These little assistants also provide energy reports based on your usage patterns, and suggest a more efficient, economical heating and cooling routine.

Helper Bots

We may be a long way off from intelligent robot servants, nevertheless there are robots available to do some of our bidding. Starting with the Roomba, a smart device that will vacuum your floors while you relax, to autonomous window cleaners and even a lawn mower!

Smart Lights

Setting the mood just got easier with the development of smart lighting. Advanced LED technology makes it possible to turn your lights on/off, dim, flash and change color, all by using an app on your smart device. Go from day to dance party without even getting up.

Safety more your concern? Imagine never coming home to a dark house again by switching your lights on remotely.

Bathroom Entertainment

The bathroom is now high-tech, and no we do not mean those corded phones found in hotels. Bluetooth showerheads let you listen to your favorite tunes in the shower – literally (sound actually comes out of the shower head!). And if that’s not enough, waterproof touchscreen technology enables you to precisely control your shower settings, including flow, temperature, lighting, you name it, for an enhanced, futuristic spa-like experience. Plus it learns your preferences which means a perfect showing experience every time.

Impenetrable Door Security

Peep holes are so passé. For a few hundred bucks, homeowners can install smart devices that will video monitor your front door, alerting you to deliveries and visitors. Finally, we can now see what really happened to that “undelivered” package. Communicate to guests through a built in intercom or sound an alarm. Too busy to actually let someone in? Unlock your door using an app.

Wireless Cooker

The convenience of crockpot cooking is even better with the development of a controlled slow cooker that can be controlled wireless. Adjust cooking time, temperature, shift to warm or turn off using an app on your smart device.

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Kim is a window treatment and drapery certified designer helping clients in Ottawa and surrounding Ontario communities find the perfect window treatments for their homes. She has more than 14 years of experience in interior design and window coverings.

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