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October 29, 2014

4 Halloween Decorating Ideas for Windows

by Annalisa


It’s the season of ghouls and goblins, of creative costumes, and of leaves crunching under trick-or-treaters’ tiny feet. Why not use your windows to give those candy-hunters a fright – or make them grin?

Pumpkins Galore

Go seasonal with a display of nature’s finest fall colours on a windowsill. Pumpkins are Halloween-appropriate and they’ll last through the end of autumn.

You can stick to classic orange, but these days it’s not hard to find pumpkins in green, white, or yellow, To add more visual interest, you can also use pumpkins and gourds in varying sizes and shapes.

Jack-o-Lantern Family

This decorating idea is for people who don’t mind getting their hands dirty! Plus, you can make this a fun family activity by recruiting the kids to help.

First, gather a collection of pumpkins to work with and create your jack-o-lantern family. Next, hollow out and carve big pumpkins with faces. You can try this with smaller gourds, but carving these can prove challenging because of their petite size. Instead, try painting or decorating miniature pumpkins on the surface.

Pumpkin decorating | Pumpkin family scene

Source: DisneyBaby.com, Lacy Stroessner

Finally, set your jack-o-lantern family scene. Use fishing line to dangle a few of the small ones from your curtain rod. If you paint the smaller pumpkins black and glue on paper wings, you’ve got pumpkin-bats! Larger pumpkins, on the other hand, should be placed on the windowsill. Arrange the whole display to tell a story or create a mood.

Pumpkin Home Decor Ideas | Halloween Decorating Ideas

Source: Newsday.com

One relatively easy and festive idea is to create a pumpkin horror scene. Take a large pumpkin and carve a diabolical face with a wide mouth. Then carve a dismayed face on an apple or small gourd and stick it in the larger pumpkin’s mouth. Complete the look with plastic bugs, suspended bats, spider webbing, or whatever else you need.

A word of caution: be careful when using candles to illuminate pumpkins. Use battery-operated candles whenever possible. For real flames, make sure the lit-up pumpkins keep their lids and that flammable decorations aren’t hanging directly above the heat.

Spook Your Neighbours

To give trick-or-treaters a trick and a treat on Halloween night, consider putting your automatic motorized blinds to use. Place a scary-looking mask or mannequin just inside the window – bonus points if the mask moves or has red glowing eyes. Then, set your automatic motorized blinds to raise and lower at pre-set times to give trick-or-treaters and passersby a Halloween fright!

Board It Up

Up for a bigger decoration project? Use your whole property to get into the Halloween spirit! 

Make your house look truly haunted by mounting fake boards over the windows. Complete the look with copious spider webbing and a few ghoulish figures hanging about.

Image source: Traditional Landscape by Valparaiso Landscape Contractors Smalls Landscaping

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