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March 14, 2016

5 Bad Decorating Habits to Break This Year

by Kim

5 bad decorating habits to break this year

For most of us, decorating a home is a never-ending task. Just when you think you’ve achieved the perfect look, design trends change, things wear out or your lifestyle just requires something different. If you love to decorate, then tackling these home updates probably brings you joy. But for others, procrastination is the name of the game.

There are lots of reasons that keep someone from decorating their home, we list a bunch here, but for many, it can simply be attributed to bad decorating habits. Here are five habits we think it’s time homeowners break.

Blank walls

You may call it minimalism, but your blank walls aren’t fooling anyone. Stop looking like you just moved in and start hanging artwork, wall hangings and other decorative items on your walls. Having trouble deciding what’s worth displaying? A quick Pinterest search will provide thousands of ideas for purchasing and displaying artwork, including sources for inexpensive prints and picture hanging tips and best practices.

Bare windows

In addition to providing important functional benefits (e.g privacy, light control), window treatments are a great way to tie a decorating scheme together, offering the perfect finish touch to your room. Choose from blinds, shades, shutters or drapery, and for a more complete look, combine one or more styles. Need help selecting the perfect window treatments for your home? Then sign-up for a free virtual or in-home consultation with a window coverings expert in your area.

Matchy-matchy décor

It’s no secret that cohesion is key to a well decorated space. But having commonality between furnishing and design elements doesn’t mean everything needs to match. The next time you pick out new furniture, resist the urge to buy the complete set (and the matching pillows!) and instead choose pieces that complement each other.

Eclecticism makes a home interesting, with each item telling a unique story. Celebrate your unique style by choosing furnishings with purpose.

Unfinished renovations

Starting a project is easy, however finishing it is a whole other matter. Busy lifestyles, lack of funds and general procrastination (especially when there are more fun things to do!) can result in projects at various stages of completion.

As much as we try to ignore them, unfinished renovations can way heavy on the conscious. Your home’s interior should give you piece of mind, so it’s time to start making progress again. Not sure what to prioritize first? We recommend finishing projects you already have all the supplies for first, followed by projects that fix a critical functional issue. Then it’s time to tackle your wish list.

Dated fixtures

Just like other design elements, fixtures and hardware styles are heavily impacted by the latest home décor trends. So, how often should you switch things out? In most instances, every decade or so can make sense, especially if technology and functionality has changed. For example, updating a light fixture so you can install energy efficient bulbs.


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Fabric junkie, who has been in the window coverings industry for 15 years. I view window coverings as a functional, yet stylish element of the room that should not be overlooked when decorating.

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