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September 24, 2015

Chic Ways to Change your Decor for the Season

by Kim

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With fall foliage in full swing, it’s only a matter of time before you pop into your favorite store to find holiday decorations already on the shelves. You may not be ready, but in just a few months, end-of-year festivities will be upon us.

Changing a few key pieces with the season is a great way to combat decorating boredom. Marie Antoinette, known for her love of lavish interiors, changed the décor of the Palace of Versailles every season. Now most of us aren’t willing to bleed a country dry just to redecorate, but we can certainly relate to the desire to switch things up.

And, no I don’t mean the holiday-themed decorations we dot around our houses starting in September (e.g. ghosts, turkeys, Santa Claus, etc.). I’m talking about choosing furnishing that reflect the season without being kitschy. Not sure how to keep your seasonal décor sophisticated and grown-up? Check out these designer tips.

Pot Seasonal Plants

Just because your summer blooms have died doesn’t mean your pots and planters need to stay empty until the following spring. There are many beautiful plants that survive and thrive in colder weather, such as mums, pansies and ornamental cabbage. And when winter hits, consider adding evergreens to you arrangements.

Inside your home, stick to choosing flowers and other greenery that fit the season, such as bright colorful bouquets, fresh from the farmer’s market in the summer. And in the winter, consider seasonal favorites like poinsettias and evergreen garland.

Change Soft Furnishings

As the weather changes, we feel the urge to either cuddle up or cool down. A great rule of thumb for switching soft furnishings with the season is to stick with light fabrics and bright colors in the spring and summer. And alternatively choose deep rich hues and heavy textiles for fall and winter, like wool, faux fur or cable knit.

Could your bed use some seasonal love? Flannel sheets and fluffy down comforters are a great way to stay toasty warm on cold winter nights. And bamboo bedding is great for wicking away sweat and moisture when temperatures reach record highs in the summer.

Hang New Artwork

As much as we carefully curate our homes’ interiors, they are not museums, which means we’re allowed to change the art anytime we want.  For a subtle change, swap out a few pieces in a gallery wall with more seasonal prints. Or for a more dramatic impact, change large-scale artwork hung in a high traffic area. Not sure what constitutes “seasonal” artwork? Consider landscapes that depict a specific time of year or find prints that highlight a common, seasonal phrase.

Swap Out Accessories

For most of us, once we place an accessory on a shelf, table, etc., it will sit there in the same place for years. No wonder our home’s décor can often feel so stagnant. Changing your accessories is a quick way to breathe new life into your decorating scheme. Celebrate the “new beginning” that comes with spring and summer, by choosing decorative items that are earthy, colorful and fun. Make the cold winter months more bearable with accessories that exude a cozy and warm atmosphere, like a scented candle.

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Fabric junkie, who has been in the window coverings industry for 15 years. I view window coverings as a functional, yet stylish element of the room that should not be overlooked when decorating.

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