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October 11, 2016

How to Determine Your Design Style

by Kim

How to determine your design style

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For many, decorating a home is a fun and enjoyable process. These décor-loving individuals devour Pinterest, decorating magazine and HGTV shows, eager to apply what they’ve learned to their own interiors. Home improvement tasks like choosing new window treatments to remodeling a kitchen are tackled with excitement. But for others, decorating a home can be quite intimidating.

There are many factors that can sour someone to decorating, like lack of budget. But just as common is lack of design style; a paralyzing affliction that stops even the best intentioned decorating projects in their tracks.

Luckily, determining your design style is not as overwhelming as it sounds. Here are three easy ways you can hone in on your preferred aesthetic.

Take a style quiz

Nearly every major decorating magazine has a style diagnostic. Each quiz asks you choose the photos that most appeal to you, and then delivers your style results. If you’re someone who has varied design tastes, then this type of quiz may not be very helpful. Liking too many different types of photos won’t produce very conclusive results. But if you have more focused tastes, these types of quizzes will definitely help confirm the decorating style you’re drawn to most.

Create a mood board

Creating a mood board is the first step in the design process and involves gathering lots of design inspiration, like photos, swatches, samples, etc., and arranging them on a board. Once these seemingly disparate items are assembled together, you’ll start to notice patterns in your collage, like the style of furniture you like, colors you’re drawn to and the overall design tone (masculine, playful, old-world, etc.).

These decorating details will quickly guide you to your preferred design style, whether it’s traditional or modern, or an eclectic mix. Yes, you read that right, eclecticism IS a recognized decorating style that marries a bunch of different design aesthetics into one surprisingly cohesive look.

Designer tip: take your mood board (or a photo of it) shopping with you so you can evaluate whether or not your purchase will fit your design style before you haul it home.

Work with a designer

It’s no secret that there is an entire industry devoted to helping homeowners decorate, so if you would rather leave the work to a professional, consider hiring an interior designer. These design experts will help you quickly determine your design style and then suggest furnishing to match your unique tastes.

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