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February 10, 2016

Energy efficiency upgrades that enhance your design scheme

by Christen

Hunter Douglas Duette® honeycomb shades

Mention energy-efficiency and most immediately conjure up images of insulation, window caulk and a smart-thermostat. Although these updates pay off, they aren’t typically the type of home improvements many get excited about. Rarely are we invited to a friend’s home to admire their spray insulation or the water heater’s blanket…

But not all energy-efficiency upgrades are a decorating snooze. There are many that will actually enhance your home’s design scheme. And what’s more rewarding than when home decor offers both style and functional benefits?

Faucet & Shower Fixtures

Replacing outdated shower and faucet fixtures with low-flow alternatives will not only save on water and the electricity used to heat it, but the updated fixtures will also enhance the look of your kitchen or bathroom. And with so many new finishes to choose from, like black stainless steel or brushed gold, this is one eco-friendly update you can easily get excited about.

hunter douglas heritance hardwood shutters in foyer
Hunter Douglas Heritance® hardwood shutters

Window treatments

As much as 50% of a home’s heating and cooling energy can be lost through its windows. Nearly all window treatments offer some degree of improved energy efficiency, by either blocking the sun’s hot rays or by adding insulation at the window. Cellular shades and shutters are the most energy efficient window treatment available and when combined with drapery, provide the maximum benefit.


Lighting can make up 10% or more of a home’s annual energy consumption, thanks to poorly designed lighting schemes, ancient fixtures and energy-guzzling light bulbs. Relying exclusively on overhead lighting can get expensive. Rather than light a whole room, invest in a stylish new floor lamp to focus light to where you actually need it. If you’re in the midst of a renovation, make sure to consider fixture and electrical outlet placement very carefully, that way you can employ a variety of lighting plans to achieve just the right ambiance.

And remember, at a minimum, swap out all bulbs to compact fluorescent styles, which on average will consume 75% less energy than their conventional counterparts.

Ceiling fan

It’s no secret that a ceiling fan can help lower the temperature of a room by several degrees, but what many don’t realize is they typically use no more electricity than a light bulb. And when compared to the alternative – AC, fans are definitely the more energy efficient choice. So the next time you need to swap out a ceiling light fixture, consider installing a fan instead. With so many styles to choose from, you’re certain to find one to match your decorating scheme.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Old appliances are not only an eyesore, they also typically require considerably more electricity to run, unnecessarily increasing your home’s energy consumption. And if the appliance requires water, like a dishwasher or washing machine, then it’s likely the appliance is twice as hard on your wallet.

Installing new, energy-efficient appliances will significantly up your home’s decorative wow factor, as well as increase your home’s attractiveness to potential buyers down the line.




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