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May 19, 2015

Let There Be Light! 4 Brilliant Ways to Transform Light in Your Home

by Christen


Hunter Douglas Pirouette® window shadings

Nothing ruins the mood or ambiance faster than poor lighting, whether it’s too bright, too harsh or frankly just unflattering (ugh – dressing room light). Fortunately it’s possible to tailor your lighting scheme not only to your décor, but also your mood, the time of day, season and event, with just a few key decorating tricks. Here are four brilliant ways to transform light in your home.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings for the Living Room
Hunter Douglas Silhouette Window Shadings

Install light filtering window treatments

Light filtering window treatments, like shades, sheers and blinds are a great way to control, change and shape light to your will, achieving the ideal ambiance for your room and home. Get reprieve from the sun during daylight hours without going total blackout by choosing a window covering like Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Shadings, with its sheer fabric that softly filters out brightness, glare and UV light or Luminette® Privacy Sheers that disperse the sun’s rays into soft natural light throughout a room, eliminating the need for electric lighting during the daytime.


Choose the right bulb

The prevalence of energy-efficient bulbs like compact florescent lamps (CFLs) and LEDs has made choosing the correct light bulb a bit more difficult. A general rule of them is to always select a bulb that emits a warm, white tone, regardless of type. Otherwise you run the risk of skin tones and colors looking unnatural and harsh.

Old-school incandescents are a great all-purpose bulb, however because they are not energy efficient, it’s best to limit them to fixtures that are not turned on often. Halogen bulbs give the closest approximation to daylight and are best used for pendant lights or under cabinet lighting. The energy efficiency of CFLs make them ideal for table lamps and exterior lighting, which are often kept on for long periods. LEDs are best used for desk and reading lamps where highly targeted light is preferred or a colorful accent lighting around an entertainment area.

Add interior windows

Interior windows are a great design trick for rooms that don’t have windows to the outside. Invite light and a sense of openness into the room by installing a window between the windowless space and the neighboring room.  A well-placed view-through, above the door or just below the ceiling, will completely transform the ambiance of a dark and dungeons space.

Is privacy a concern? Consider applying an opaque filter directly to the glass or install custom window treatments, like shutters or Roman shades for a more decorative look.

Install a dimmer

For many of us, our lamps and overhead lighting have just two settings – on or off. Installing a simple dimmer switch puts you in control of your lighting scheme, allowing you to change the mood of the room, from bright visibility to a soft romantic vibe, with the flick of a switch.

Dimmers are an ideal feature for dining rooms and entertainment spaces like a living or media room, where less light is needed to properly enjoy the activities in the space, like watching a movie or just hanging out.


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