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December 18, 2014

Let’s Talk Texture

by Annalisa

Texture often takes a backseat to color and pattern, but it can make a big impact on your home decor. While you can easily give any space a dash of it with the right area rug and throw pillows, consider committing to texture in a bigger way. Incorporating texture into your walls and windows can make for a truly original space. Plus, layering texture in this way can make for a standout backdrop that makes your overall design pop.

From wood to stone and metal, here are a few of my favorite ways to take texture up a notch.

Wood for the Win

I’m excited to see that wood is beginning to appear on walls again. Have no fear, I’m not talking about ‘70s-style wood paneling. Instead, picture tastefully polished wood tiles, sleek paneling to highlight a special feature in a room, or an accent wall done entirely in reclaimed wood.

Of course, you can always use wood furniture or install hardwood floors, but using wood on your walls is an unexpected use of the material that can really stand out against other contrasting textures in a space. For example, a room with a set of soft upholstered chairs in a light fabric would make an accent wall with rich wood tiles really pop.

A Twist on Windows

When people think of texture, I find they almost immediately gravitate to fabric. As a matter of fact, fabric is a great way to integrate texture into design and I love drapery in a textured fabric. There are so many beautiful and touchable options out there, such as raw silk, linen, velvet, etc.

Drapery | Window Treatments

But there are plenty of other ways to use window treatments to add texture to a space. Depending on your design preferences and your existing décor, texture can be added to your windows with woven woods, the crinkle of honeycomb shades, or plantation style shutters.

Hunter Douglas Shutters

If you plan to use window coverings to add texture, be sure to select a style that complements and balances the overall design, as well as other textures in your space. Remember – you don’t want to overdo it with any one texture. For instance, a room with dark headboard, slick mahogany furniture, and dark wood shutters simply has too much of the same texture in one space.

Stunning Stone

If you live in a space with exposed brick or stone, you’ve got texture built right into your décor. However, even if you live in a new home or building, you can achieve a similar look with stone tile.

And you don’t have to go rustic to make this style work. For example, classic stone and plaster can make a great backdrop for a more formal look when a neutral palette and traditional furniture are used.

Alternatively, a wall of river stone tile can give a newly built space a Zen-like ambiance.

Want to use stone as a texture, but not ready to commit to a whole wall of it? Marble furniture and stone carvings (or other artwork) are other great ways to integrate stone into your home décor.

Metal Madness

Metal is a great way to add texture to design because it’s available in a variety of forms, including hammered, rippled, smooth, shiny, corrugated, or burnished.

When decorating with metal, make sure your space feels balanced – you don’t want to overdo it with too much of this stuff. Try grouping contrasting textures with the material, such as dark wood, smooth leather, or a fluffy shag rug.

A Small Dose of Big Texture

Keep in mind that adding texture to walls and windows works best in small doses – like an accent wall, an artful frame for a fireplace, or as a way to highlight an entryway. Choose your wall and window textures wisely, and they’ll create an enviable design for years to come.

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