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January 8, 2014

Out with the Old: Create a New Bedroom for the New Year

by Annalisa

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All of the new year, fresh start energy tends to make me a little restless in my space.  I crave change.  I start noticing the clutter, wondering when my bedroom became so disorganized.  

Does this sound like you?  Are you daydreaming of moving, just for a fresh start and a tidy bedroom?  Instead of  avoiding the mess, make reorganizing your bedroom a top priority for 2014.  A little bit of tidying up can really make a space feel fresh, without needing to spend a lot of money.  We’ve got a few tips to give you a great start to the new year, starting with one of the most imporant rooms in the house: your bedroom. 

Your bedroom is one place where clutter can really disrupt your mood. You need a quiet, calm space to help you relax for sleep, and scrambling through disorganized closets in the morning is not the way to get off to the right start.  Not only will you sleep better in a room that is peaceful rather than chaotic, reorganizing will help you to avoid the clutches of the winter doldrums. It is great therapy to change things around and there is no better place to get cozy in the winter than your bedroom.

Let’s get started! 

Move Your Bed

Yes, it’s heavy. Yes, it’s a pain to move. But rearranging your bed is the quickest, easiest way to make a dramatic change to your bedroom. It will give you a whole new sleeping perspective! Whether you move it under the window to enjoy the view or up against the wall to create more floor space, it will make a substantial difference to the feel of your room.  Instant new room! 

Consider moving the bed for a fresh new look in your bedroom.

When you’re rearranging your bed, make sure the new arrangement is functional.  Do you have room to move around? Can you get in and out of the bed easily? Do you have insulating window treatments over that window so you don’t get a draft in the middle of the night? Don’t be afraid to try out a radically different placement – if you don’t like it, you can always change it back. 

Put Everything Away

Your treadmill is not a closet. Your books are not meant to create a path to your ensuite. Your extra bedding does not need to be piled high on the very special chair you paid a fortune for but never see. Clear every surface.  Put each item somewhere where you can either enjoy its existence or hide it from view. If everything has somewhere to live, you are more likely to put it back there. If you cannot think of a reason you are still holding on to something, get rid of it. Bookshelves and dressers are great ways to display your treasured items and let your personality show. If you’re looking for some creative tips for organizing just your bookshelves, Homedit has some great ideas. 

Creative Tips For Organizing Your Cluttered Bookshelves

Source: Homedit via Pinterest

Get Serious About Storage 

A walk in closet is a wonderful thing. If you walk into it. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be easier to dump and run than face the chaos of the untended closet. However, if you are reorganizing, it is worth taking the time to sort out your storage. Even if you don’t have a walk in, it is important to get things in order or the mess will continue to spill into your room, affecting your reorganizing success. Sort your clothes into seasons. Then sort them into colors to make your choices as easy as possible. This helps to avoid the ‘throwing of the clothes onto the floor’ morning frustration when you can’t find the outfit you are looking for. Ensure that you have a way to see and access your shoes easily, too.

Organize your walk in closet

Source: DesignerMag


Freshen Your Accessories

Treat yourself to some new accessories that reflect your mood moving into the New Year. Upgrade your window coverings.  Add a new throw blanket to the foot of your bed.  Add a fabulous new lamp.  When selecting accessories, pick things that go together to help create a cohesive, tidy look. An accessory change also gives you that ‘new’ feeling you are looking for when reorganizing. 

And Relax…

Rest. Read. Listen to music. Spend time doing nothing at all.  Enjoy your ‘new’ bedroom.

Until you are ready to reorganize again next year!

If you want to change up your bedroom but have no idea where to start, send us an email (design@decorview.com) or post on our Facebook page for help! 

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