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April 6, 2015

Timeless Décor: 8 Design Elements That Will Last The Ages

by Christen

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You’ve spent time and money getting your home’s décor just right, only discover that the wall color, fabric or wood finish you chose is on the not side of a decorating “Hot or Not” list. It’s official, your décor is on its way out. Cue the violins.

Most of us don’t have an infinite decorating budget, which means changing our décor to accommodate every decorating trend would be cost prohibitive, not to mention all the time it would take to source new décor!

Luckily, history has taught us there are some design elements that are truly timeless. These colors, fabrics, furnishings and building materials all have one thing in common – they’ve been around for ages (some for thousands of years!) and still make our decorating hearts swoon. If that’s not a testament to their staying power, I don’t know what is!


Marble is THE building material with true staying power, its popularity transcending time and decorating styles. Although we typically don’t build structures and monuments with marble anymore, it’s still one of the most popular stone materials, especially for countertops, tiles and flooring. The key to this design element’s timelessness is choosing the right color. Marble comes in many colors and patterns, but it’s best to stick to more neutral tones like white, gray and beige.

Linen Drapery

Linen drapery was first used by Ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. These timeless, natural window treatments, are a great way to soften windows, provide light filtering and increase privacy.

Handwoven baskets

Humans have been using baskets in their homes since the invention of weaving, making them the most timeless storage container available. Future-proof this functional decorative accessory by choosing baskets made only from natural materials, with minimal to no embellishments.

Chesterfield Sofa

The button-tufted Chesterfield sofa has been around for centuries – it is believed that the first Chesterfield was commissioned by Phillip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield sometime during the time period from 1694-1773. One of the perks of owning a Chesterfield sofa is that it gets more stylish with age. Wear and tear, especially on one upholstered in leather, just adds to the charm of the piece. Plus these sofas feel at home in a range of decorating styles, from traditional to modern.


Color trends come and go, making white the most timeless color choice. This is especially true for decorative trim and molding, bedding and towels, tile, kitchen cupboards, bookshelves and walls. Now we’re not advising that you live in an all white house. Color enlivens a space and can be added inexpensively in the form of decorative accents and soft furnishings.


Books have never been just for reading; they are an important decorative element in the home. How we arrange books can be influenced by decorating trends, (e.g. grouping books by color is really popular), however the books themselves are timeless. Not to mention their decorating value increases with age. There is nothing quite like the character of a well-worn vintage book.


Another timeless material, brick has been used in homes for fireplaces, walkways and walls for thousands of years. There are many different varieties of brick, however the traditional red or white-washed brick are the only versions that coordinate well with every decorating style and remain timeless.

Gallery Wall

Although gallery walls are considered a big trend right now, hanging art in this manner has always been popular. Whether you choose an eclectic arrangement or a structured grid, gallery walls are a timeless and practical way to hang an extensive art collection in your home. And what could be more timeless than a love of art?

Cover Photo Credit: Arise Design | Houzz

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