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February 13, 2015

Trend Spotlight – Gold and Shiny Surfaces

by Annalisa

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Whether it’s a bit of sparkle, shine, frost or bling, iridescent materials are making a big design impact. Generally more at home in your jewelry box, gold and other shiny surfaces, add warmth, visual interest and light reflection, adding a touch of glamour and instant brightening to any room. Here are some tips for adding this 2015 home décor trend to your home.

Warm up a Space with Gold

There is nothing more instantly luxurious then gold. This high-end finish has been incorporated in home décor since the dawn of civilzation, making it one of the most timeless design elements in a home. For those that just can’t embrace gold or brass metal finishes in hardware, can incorporate this metallic trend in other eye-popping ways. For example, make your windows glow by installing custom drapery in gold-toned fabrics.

Industrial Living Room Featuring Gold Window Treatments by Birmingham Photographers Sylvia Martin

Or choose wallpaper in a vibrant gold print. Joy Cho’s Petal Pusher design in gold will always be our favorite. Just remember to keep it to a single accent wall, preferably one that’s broken up by large items of furniture such as a bed, dresser or console table.

Add Visual Interest with Mirrored Surfaces

For the metallic-phobic decorator, mirrored surfaces and bright silver-toned metals are a great way to incorporate the metallic trend into the home. These shiny objects add visual interest while minimally impacting a room’s overall color scheme, reflecting the existing colors in the room, and essentially disappearing into the space. The end result is a subtle and chic way to brighten a space.

Mix It Up

The days of matching all the metal finishes in a home are over. Flip through any magazine and you’ll discover chic spaces that effortlessly mix metallics for a surprisingly cohesive look.  The key is to use one metal as your staple and one finish as the statement. For example, choose stainless steel and silver finishes for your kitchen hardware and appliances, but add gold light fixtures for a pop of warmth and color.  

Or mix together more than one type of shine – a mirrored vanity, a sequined throw pillow and a lacquered picture frame all pick up the light in similar ways without overwhelming with too much uniformity.

Keep it Fresh not Gaudy

Unless you’re truly all about the bling, don’t overwhelm your space with too much shine and glitz. Keep metallics grounded by pairing them alongside other current trends, such as soft greys, reclaimed wood and industrial stylings. And avoid pairing shiny surfaces with bold statement prints like leopard. These design tips will keep the trend from crossing over to the gaudy dark side. Remember, a touch of gold or sparkle is all you need to impact a space. If you start adding too much glitz, your home will begin to look like a kitschy discotech.  

There’s a Finish for Everyone

Not sure yellow-toned gold is for you? Then considered the increasingly popular rose gold for a warm, feminine touch. Or choose classic copper finishes that will become even more beautiful with age. You can even select metallics with a matte finish that will subtly reflect light without the bright, blinding shine of a high-polished finish.  

Cover Photo Credit: The Couture Rooms | Houzz

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